Join the Little Sunapee Protective Association

We invite you to become an active member of the Little Sunapee Protective Association. Our membership includes:

  • Current and past lake property owners
  • Other interested New London and Springfield residents and visitors
  • Officers from the towns New London and Springfield
  • Representatives from lake association landowners, including Checkerberry, Colby Hill, and Murray Pond Associations
  • Other donors and benefactors who invest in the future of the quality of life on and around the lake

Dues are $50 per year. At the association's annual meeting held each summer, knowledgeable speakers inform residents of statewide activities by individuals, private agencies, and the state on behalf of the New Hampshire lakes. The association board meets quarterly to discuss lake issues and updates on lake and aquatic plant and animal health.

Write to: Treasurer, Little Sunapee Protective Association, PO Box 1653, New London, NH 03257.

Visit our Facebook Page for news and views of the lake all year round.

Advance our Mission of Lake Stewardship

The association receives a grant from the town of New London to support our Lake Host Program. Funds for our other services to residents and land owners and our mission of lake stewardship are drawn from membership dues and donations. The Little Sunapee Protective Association is a charitable organization with 501(c)3 status and your gift is tax deductible. Learn more.

Summer Season Report

As in a number of our neighboring lakes, a sizeable loon population shares the lake with us. Loons are seen fishing on Little Sunapee during most of the Spring, Summer, and Fall days, and their distinctive warble or wail is often heard, especially in the evening. Eagles have been spotted in the area with increasing frequency and are known to threaten loons. Little Sunapee saw successful nesting seasons in 2011, when a pair of loons were hatched and fledged, and 2016, when one chick fledged on the lake. In 2017 the loons produced one egg, but the nest was abandoned, perhaps due to predators or to competition by visiting loons. In 2018, two chicks were hatched and one survived to fledge. The lake's loon nesting platform was donated to the Little Sunapee Protective Association by Kitty and John Wilson of Pleasant Lake and is maintained by the association.

The August 2018 lake water quality report showed stability in the health of the lake and as of Fall 2018, we report no problems from invasives, thanks in no small part to the volunteer and paid lake hosts and the volunteers who watch vigilantly for invasive species. Click here for details.The lake also enjoys the good fortune of a high replacement rate.