Little Sunapee Protective Association

Our Activities and Mission

The board of the Little Sunapee Protective Association meets regularly during the year to ensure that the lake and the habitat nearby retain the water quality and picturesque beauty that have brought visitors to the area since the Soo-Nipi Native Americans made it their home. The board is active year round to:
  • Protect the lake from invasive species
  • Preserve its fine water quality
  • Educate boat owners about good lake stewardship
  • Protect undeveloped shore areas
  • Educate the generations in good environmental practice
  • Build and protect nesting habitats for loons
  • Monitor water quality and track seasonal water chemistry

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History of the Little Sunapee Protective Association

Join the Little Sunapee Protective Association. Dues are $50 per year. At the association's annual meeting held each summer, knowledgeable speakers inform residents of statewide activities by individuals, private agencies, and the state on behalf of the New Hampshire lakes. The association board meets quarterly to discuss lake issues and updates on lake and aquatic plant and animal health.

Write to: Treasurer, Little Sunapee Protective Association, PO Box 1653, New London, NH 03257.

Projects include the Invasive Species Watch and the Lake Host programs.

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